Whilst not the only college student to have returned to UCT to incrementally garner degrees over numerous many years, Andrew Kenny’s contribution right now on the sluggish decay of tutorial independence there is enriched by his intermittent soundings. I coated some of the liberty of speech debacles there as a reporter on the Cape Occasions in the 1980’s, so it’s interesting to hear Kenny outline how factors went downhill from then on, juxtaposing them with an earlier time when students protested in support of lecturers. Perhaps, the most tragic instance of brutish, bullying behaviour was the “Expenses Need to Tumble,” 2016 protest, after which UCT’s Dean of Medication, the globally-revered cardiologist, Professor Bongani Mayosi, dedicated suicide. I received to know this selfless, delightful person, and independently, some of the vastly-talented formerly-disadvantaged young doctors he went out of his way to help. He could not arrive to psychological grips with the radical student victimisation of him and other colleagues. Discussion needs a willingness to hear the other facet. This does not match the agenda of some radical scholar groupings right before whom the UCT campus hierarchy has almost genuflected. Universities, by their quite nature and objective, do not swim with the tide. Kenny argues that UCT has ultimately dropped the plot. Story courtesy of Everyday Friend. – Chris Bateman

UCT closes down suggestions

By Andrew Kenny*

There was a time when you have been allowed to be exposed to thoughts you didn’t concur with.

If you want to have an understanding of how substantially the University of Cape City has declined as a centre of educational liberty, you can do no superior than browse its Alumni News for 2018. Internet pages 38 and 39 on your own are sufficient to convert your belly.

I have had three sojourns at UCT: from 1967 to 1970 learning applied maths and physics, 1984 to 1986 researching mechanical engineering, and 1997 to 2005 performing in electricity research. I occurred to be there for momentous activities.

In 1968, I joined the Archie Mafeje Sit-In. Mafeje, a black guy, had been offered a article as an anthropology lecturer. The apartheid federal government informed UCT to withdraw the supply. The pupils occupied the Bremner Administration Making and vowed to continue to be right until UCT refused. I agreed with the pupils.

UCT then experienced considerable flexibility of speech. There have been rowdy mass meetings and open up arguments in between various ideologies and beliefs. There was authentic ‘diversity’ of strategies. You had been allowed to be uncovered to concepts you did not concur with. There had been no ‘safe spaces’. Sadly, the government’s racist insurance policies intended that most of the lecturers and students were white.

I returned in 1984. The mood experienced improved. There was now major censorship, coming not from the govt but from the college students and personnel. Impolite argument had been replaced with reverential consensus. Some departments had been heavily Marxist and if you had place a solid situation for capitalism you would fail your examination. (Universities are the most snobbish sites on Earth and, given that Marxism is the basically snobbish belief that top-quality people today ought to rule everybody else, it is only organic they really should be attracted to it.) You commenced to listen to the proposition, now widespread, that any person who thought in free speech was a ‘right-winger’.

In 1986, black students disrupted a program offered by Conor Cruise O’Brien, the well known Irish politician, academic and liberal. Someone accused him of breaking the ‘academic boycott’, which no one else had heard of. The bullies demanded O’Brien be expelled. This was the opposite of the 1968 Mafeje affair, in which the college students needed the tutorial to be admitted. UCT below Vice Chancellor Stuart Saunders caved in and O’Brien experienced to go. This was a crucial second for UCT. It set up the policy of craven surrender to the strongest bully.

A very similar scenario, disregarded by UCT and the media, occurred to a mate a number of yrs in the past. Kenneth Hughes is extensively regarded as the cleverest guy at UCT (while he has been pressured into retirement). He is a mathematician of the highest calibre but also remarkably versed in philosophy, economics, physics and history. He is a fearless liberal. He was requested to present a small training course on the economic heritage of the 19th century. He quoted from Karl Marx – absolutely an crucial determine of that time? He quoted Marx as praising the British Empire for propelling persons in Africa and Asia into the following section of financial improvement. (In the Communist Manifesto, Marx spells this out incredibly evidently.) At this issue, his black pupils shouted him down, denounced him as a racist and imperialist, and demanded UCT to stop his training course. UCT did so in its usual servile way.

Rhodes Ought to Drop’ noticed UCT sink further. Rhodes was in fact an imperialist of the most vulgar and shameless form. He thought English tradition superior to African tradition and the English language destined to become the ‘universal language’. He promoted imperial athletics this kind of as cricket, rugby and soccer. In 2015, learners demanded that the statue of Rhodes on the UCT ways be eliminated and UCT to be ‘decolonised’. They wanted it to be decolonised by keeping all the things that Rhodes had championed, such as the English language and most imperial lifestyle and sporting activities. Nobody at UCT or in the media spoke a term versus this hypocrisy. In its place, as typical, UCT just capitulated.

Now to internet pages 38 and 39. In 2005, Flemming Rose, a liberal Danish journalist released a group of cartoons of Muhammad. I have observed them all. Apart from for a single, displaying Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, they were being exceedingly mild. Significantly, considerably even worse cartoons of Jesus, mocking him, are shown routinely in Western papers and magazines, together with South Africa, with no fuss at all. But Rose’s cartoons brought about uproar and violence. He was just striving to make a level for liberty: if you were absolutely free to attract cartoons of one particular revered religious leader, why not of one more? In 2015, UCT invited Rose to converse there. The bullies screamed in fury, and so Max Selling price, the cringing VC, withdrew the invitation.

Then a genuine champion of liberty came to the rescue. In 2017, the Institute of Race Relations invited Rose to communicate in Cape City and Johannesburg. I listened to him in Cape City. He was exceptional: restrained, factual, convincing and liberal. On webpages 38 and 39 of the Alumni Information, you will see Rose denounced as ‘racist’, as ‘right-wing’ and ‘a provocateur’. UCT’s descent into intolerance and the closing down of concepts is definitely finish.


  1. The Mafeje sit-in petered out, and UCT complied with the Government’s buy. I only used a several nights there due to the fact I was incredibly concerned about my 2nd 12 months physics and didn’t want to miss lectures.
  2. The O’Brien affair was really sickening. I was shocked at the surrender.
  3. Some a long time in the past there was a UCT Convocation (I believe this is what it is termed), where by the key subject was a vote of no confidence in VC Max Selling price for his conduct more than ‘Fees Have to Fall’. The proceedings were being interrupted by a gang of black learners (actually I do not know if they were being all students) who took over the system and shouted down any one who reported anything at all they disagreed with. Cost arrived on stage to grovel in advance of them. A white liberal female lecturer was denounced as a ‘white bitch!’. Probably the bravest and most effective speech from the flooring came from Gwen Ngwenya. She was outstanding.
  4. I was most amazed with Flemming Rose. He was so quiet and dignified and logical. In the audience was Jonathan Shapiro. This was interesting for the reason that, despite the fact that he says you should be cost-free to offend other persons in satire, and does offend some Christians with his mocking cartoons of Jesus, he has appeared terrified of offending Moslems and by no means has rarely revealed anything at all but the should reverential cartoons of Muhammad.
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