All you need to know about the US EB-5 visa programme

“At Step Global, we take pride in our integrity, honest advice, and we care for our clients,” says Preeya Malik, Managing Director, Step Global. “This is why we advise our clients to stick to one that’s tried, tested and true, when it comes to EB-5 project selection. Traditional projects with reputable managers who have ample experience in the industry, will always come out ahead of newer EB-5 teams and structures. All projects will have their own selling points, but it is most important to keep your three goals in mind.”

There are projects on the market which purport to provide the investor with a property in return for their investment. However, this directly contradicts the regulations of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Other projects offer high annual returns on capital — competing against experienced regional centres that offer lower returns.

Some projects claim quicker processing times of just a few months while the standard EB-5 processing time currently sits at around 24 months. “Keep in mind that EB-5 is a seven-year process and not a six-month process, regardless of which project you choose,” says Malik.

“The lawyers you work with, and the project you invest in are responsible for your success. You may receive an approval quickly or gain higher returns, but find out if the project fulfils its requirements to get you the green card, and more importantly, check if there is a viable exit plan for investors and they can be paid back in full within a reasonable time. Are there hidden issues which are downplayed by the selling points?”

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