American Values and the EB-5 Visa

American Democracy is often the driving force behind many immigrants’ journeys to the United States, and EB-5 investors are no different. While we frequently discuss the practical economic benefits of the EB-5 program, it’s important to remember that a desire to enjoy the freedoms and liberties America offers is just as important to EB-5 investors.

Here are just a few of the rights and liberties that make America what it is.

Freedom of Religion

America guarantees freedom of religion to anyone living in the United States. Anyone living in the US is free to enjoy practicing their chosen faith, and free to preach their faith to others. Furthermore, the Bill of Rights is explicit about the separation of church and state, forbidding the establishment of state religion.

Freedom of Speech

Another freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is freedom of speech. In America, people are free to speak out against politicians, injustice, and the government without fear of being punished by the government. This right is not limited to individual speech, but also extends to the press. Freedom of the press is also enshrined in the bill of rights, and American journalists need not fear government reprisals for publishing a story criticizing the government.

Political Participation

While voting is the most basic level of participation in a democracy, it is not the only means of political participation. Although only citizens can vote in elections, anyone in the U.S. is free to participate in peaceful protests, or to organize their own protest. Working in tandem with the freedom of speech, the right to assemble and peacefully protest gives the American public the power to shape government policy. Throughout American history there are countless examples of people organizing for a common cause and making a real difference, and as a country we celebrate these movements. Compare that to how we have seen governments across the world respond to protests movements by their own citizens and it’s clear that the U.S. places a high value on people’s right to political participation.

A Fair Legal System

America’s legal system is a point of pride for many citizens. The importance of the law has been a defining feature of American society since it was an English colony and that is no different today. American society views the law as a means to protect the people and their rights, and accordingly there are several guaranteed protections for anyone embroiled in America’s legal system. If charged with a crime you are innocent until proven guilty, cannot be convicted without due process, and have the right to a trial by a jury of your peers. The outcome of a trial is determined by a jury, not the government.
Although EB-5 investors will likely never have to exercise these rights, some may come from countries that allow the government to convict and imprison citizens with impunity, and want to live in a Country where the Justice system works fairly.

Civil Courts

While criminal justice draws the most attention, it is only one part of America’s legal system. Civil Courts settle disputes between two or more entities (individuals, businesses, institutions, etc,) and just like criminal court, you have a right to a jury trial for civil suits where damages exceed twenty dollars. This gives people the power to redress grievances against other parties that may not have been criminal but did cause damages. Although some might view American society as comically litigious, the truth is that the right to pursue damages in civil court protects people from abuses by entities which wield significantly more influence than any individual.


Although other countries have adopted more authoritarian leadership or tried to restrict their citizens rights, America continues to stand as an example of how free and democratic societies can prosper. The EB-5 visa offers an opportunity for Investors to become permanent American residents at an expedited pace and ensure that they and their family can enjoy the liberties and freedoms America offers.

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