An Expert’s Guide to Obtaining Your Green Card EB-5 Investment ​​

If you want to get a green card to the United States as an immigrant or as a foreign citizen, then you need to follow a few simple yet also complicated steps. However, if you go through the process, then you can get permanent residency for you and green cards for your family.

Still, any investment can be tricky and whenever you throw an immigration law into the mix, the entire process can seem downright impossible without help.

Thankfully, if you want help you have turned to the right guide! We’ll break down each and every step in the EB-5 process, and get you started towards getting a green card.

What Do You Need To Do To Get An EB-5 Visa?

The EB-5 visa program is a way for immigrants with some money and an idea to invest inside of the United States. They need to make an investment inside of a new US business, or expand an older business.

The investment either needs to be $1.8 million dollars at a minimum for a business that is not in a targeted employment area, or $900,000 if investing in a targeted employment area. 

A targeted employment area is a rural or nonrural area that has unemployment that is experiencing unemployment at least 150% of the national rate. As long as you can prove that the area you are investing in meets the requirements, then you will be investing a lower sum of money.

Once you have created or invested the required money into the business, then you need to create 10 full time jobs for U.S citizens, and you also need to be working within the company as well.

But not just any business can be selected and invested in, it needs to be a business with a future.

What Types Of EB-5 Projects Qualify For Investment?

You want to create a long term business that will work for your family as time goes by, because you want this business to be able to support you, your family, your workers, and your lifestyle. Projects and businesses within the technology and real estate fields are very lucrative investments because they can get on the cutting edge and can stay there.

Plus, it can be very easy to generate the required ten jobs that are needed, because those fields of work never run out of jobs that need to be filled! Especially if you are investing in the ‘next big thing’ in the technology industry, because everyone wants to be on the ground floor of that.

Once you have worked with your immigration attorney, you can file your EB-5 petition with the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, and once it is approved, you can gain conditional permanent residency.

This is a conditional card, and you must remain in the United States and must be working on your business as well. Once the two years are up, you can go into the last step.

Filling The I-829 Petition

This petition will remove the conditions on your permanent resident status, allowing you to remove the conditions and it will make you a full permanent resident of the United States. Just submit the correct documents and everything will be perfect on your end.

It might seem a bit complicated, and indeed getting an EB-5 green card isn’t easy, but if you follow the correct steps and also work with a good immigration attorney, then you will be a legal resident of the United States in no time at all!

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