EB-5 Visa, a Shortcut to Getting Permanent Residency in the US

The visa is now considered the easiest gateway to obtain permanent residency in the US.

FREMONT, CA: The investor visa, EB-5, has grown in popularity among Indian-Americans, especially in the last couple of years. The visa is now considered the easiest gateway to obtain permanent residency in the US. Previously, the EB-5 visa was applied by only a few individuals, but now the scenario has changed. The popularity of the visa rose even when visa-holders continued to witness the strengthening of US immigration laws. Indian acquired an overwhelming number of EB-5 visas in 2020, accounting for 17% of total applications.

A few years ago, the EB-5 visa was considered an immigration route only for Indian business people aiming to expand their business footprint and trade in the US. However, there has been a paradigm shift in the people’s attitude towards the visa, and they are now exploring it as an effective way to settle their families and children in the country.

Why is EB-5 Visa Gaining Popularity?

Indian businesspeople have realized that by investing in a business in the United States, they have additional opportunities to get their children into American universities at the same cost as American kids. While they can invest in any business in a remote area in the US, they can choose to live in bigger cities, where their families can have access to better educational and living conditions. In addition to these, EB-5 visa benefits include:

  • Immediate permanent US residency

  • H-1B visa holders can quicken their application process and get permanent residency via EB-5 visa.

  • Hassle-free periodic renewable

  • Access to US Healthcare facilities

These are highly beneficial for H-1B visa holders who have been living in the US for decades and are still stuck in the green card wait lines. EB-5

Absence of Country-based Restrictions

While those awaiting green cards often fall victim to the unfair per-country cap, the EB-5 visa is more democratic. The EB-5 program does not place any country-based restrictions on applicants and is open to any non-US citizen who wishes to invest in American businesses. All visa holders enjoy the same benefits, with a primary $1.8 million investment requirement.



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