EB-5 Visa Benefits For Your Children

The EB-5 visa can provide many benefits to a principal investor’s children. When planning for the future, determining the best way to raise their family is a key part of many EB-5 investor’s plans.

All of a principal EB-5 applicant’s unmarried children under the age of 21 years may be eligible for receiving an EB-5 green card under their parent’s petition. The EB-5 Program allows eligible foreign nationals and their immediate family members to obtain U.S. green cards by investing a minimum of $900,000 in a job-creating new commercial enterprise. While this may sound like a steep investment, an EB-5 visa comes with many benefits, especially for young families who have the primary goal of providing the best life they can for their children.

There are many benefits to moving to the United States through the EB-5 Program for young families.

These include:

  • Less crime and safer environment
  • More affordable child-care options
  • Higher acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Top-rated public school options
  • Highly competitive sports
  • Wide variety of extracurricular activities
  • Internship and practical programs
  • Reduced in-state tuition at certain public colleges and universities

Many of these benefits are also more cost-effective in the U.S., adding strong financial motivation for immigrating, despite the $900,000 investment barrier for the EB-5 Program. Depending on how large an investor’s family is and how much they spend on private safety and education in their home country, an EB-5 visa may be a more affordable option for many foreign families in the long run.

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