Latest Statistics: EB-5 Immigrant Visas Issued by Country for FY 2019

Here are the latest statistics showing EB-5 immigrant visas issued by country for FY 2019.

The U.S. Department of State—Bureau of Consular Affairs has released the report of the visa office showing table V part 3 (EB-5 visa statistics) for fiscal year 2019.

A short-list of the top countries was released at the end of October 2019 by Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Controls and Reporting Division, at the IIUSA EB-5 forum, but it only included the main top countries.

Table V part 3 of the report is the Immigrant Visas Issued and Adjustments of Status Subject to Numerical Limitations (by Foreign State of Chargeability): Fiscal Year 2019

Here is a condensed version showing just the data for the EB-5 Program for FY2019:

*RC= Regional Center
*TEA=Targeted Employment Area

EB-5 Africa:

eb5 africa

EB-5 Asia:

eb5 asia

EB-5 Europe:

eb5 europe

EB-5 North America:

eb-5 north america

EB-5 Oceania:

eb5 oceania

EB-5 South America:

eb5 south america

EB-5 Totals by Region:

eb5 world

EB-5 Top 10 Countries:

EB-5 Top 10 Countries

Why Country of Origin Matters to Potential Investors:

USCIS recently released a new statement saying that they will be changing the way they process form I-526. Form I-526 (Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur) is the first petition immigrant investors file in the EB-5 process. USCIS states that beginning March 31, 2020, they will no longer process form I-526 on a first-in, first-out basis, but by a visa availability approach. This change will impact investors from visa backlogged countries. Investors from countries where visas are currently or soon to be available will then likely see faster form I-526 petition approvals. This change is likely to impact Mainland Chinese investors the hardest, but it may also impact Indian and Vietnamese investors. It could even impact South Korean, Brazilian and Taiwanese investors.

Who stands to benefit the most from this change?

Countries with visas currently or soon to be available may benefit the most. Countries not currently using up all of their allotted visas may see faster I-526 approvals. From the top EB-5 countries for FY 2019 above, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Mexico and South Africa could potentially see faster I-526 approvals. Why? Each country can receive roughly 7% of the total visas available each year. About 10,000 EB-5 visas are available annually, therefore each country receives about 700 visas, but dependents are also counted in this total. Therefore, if each investor has a spouse and child, then roughly only 233 visas are available to investors. Venezuela, Hong Kong, Mexico and South Africa have been roughly at or below that threshold for both FY 2019 and FY 2018.

Hopefully, we find out more information at the stakeholders meeting on the subject in March.

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