Quack Doctor’s (R. NJ) Attacks On Fetterman’s (D) Health Sure Are Blowing Up In His Face

Mehmet Oz (R. NJ)

This is so pathetic and desperate:

Mehmet Oz, the celebrity heart surgeon and Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, ratcheted up suspicion about the health of his Democratic rival Tuesday, questioning whether John Fetterman’s recovery from a stroke explains his reluctance to debate.

“John Fetterman is either healthy and he’s dodging the debate because he does not want to answer for his radical left positions, or he’s too sick to participate in the debate,” Oz told reporters here at a news conference inside a cramped and partitioned hotel ballroom.

Oz would have preferred to spend the day after Labor Day — the traditional start of the fall general election campaign — preparing for his first televised clash with Fetterman in Pittsburgh. But Fetterman declined the invitation, citing lingering effects from his stroke, such as speech and auditory processing issues, and the Oz campaign’s earlier mocking of his health. So Oz instead found himself 300 miles away at a Courtyard by Marriott alongside Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., whose decision not to seek re-election opened the seat he and Fetterman are seeking.

Photographs of Oz, Toomey and Fetterman appearing at past debates served as props as both men argued that the Democratic nominee was ducking tough questions. Fetterman in recent weeks has appeared at several public events, including a Labor Day gathering with President Joe Biden, but outside of an MSNBC interview last week, he has taken few questions from reporters and has not committed to participate in any debates before the November general election.

“In addition to the character problem of being dishonest, if he’s really not able to debate, then there’s a big problem,” Toomey said, noting that Fetterman has offered optimistic accounts about his recovery. “As someone who served in the United States Senate for almost 12 years now, I have a really good understanding of how the place works. If John Fetterman were elected to the Senate, and he’s not able to communicate effectively, if he’s not able to engage with the press, if he’s not able to engage with his colleagues, he will not be able to do the job.”

In a statement later Tuesday, Fetterman spokesperson Joe Calvello noted that the Democrat marched in a Labor Day parade Monday and spoke at two events afterward.

“Anyone who’s seen John speak knows that while he’s still recovering, he’s more capable of fighting for PA than Dr. Oz will ever be,” Calvello said. “And anyone who’s seen Dr. Oz speak knows he’s a complete fraud. We have said repeatedly that we are open to debating Oz, and we’re talking with networks, but let’s be clear: This isn’t about debates. This is about mocking John for having a stroke because they’ve got nothing else, and because they don’t want to talk about the fact that Oz wants to ban abortions and believes all abortion is ‘murder.'”

But of course the right-wing Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board is pushing this narrative because they know Oz is screwing it up himself:

If Mr. Fetterman is not well enough to debate his opponent, that raises serious concerns about his ability to serve as a United States senator.

None of this excuses the antics of Mr. Oz’s campaign, which has decided that its candidate will benefit from dragging the race deeper and deeper into the muck. The low point thus far is the Oz campaign’s cruelly satirical “concession” that it will fund “any additional medical personnel [Mr. Fetterman] might need to have on standby” during a debate.

Mr. Oz has decided, oddly, to distance himself from his own campaign’s actions, as if it’s an unaffiliated super PAC. That’s not how this works: Spokespeople speak for the candidate. That’s why they’re called spokespeople. If Mr. Oz’s staff has gone rogue, he should fire them.

And if Mr. Oz would like to suggest his opponent is not being straightforward about his health — a serious but legitimate charge when competing for the intense and important work of a U.S. senator — he can do so without sandbox bullying. It was unbecoming when Donald Trump pulled these kinds of stunts, and it’s unbecoming now.

Well guess what? Fetterman just shutdown Oz, Toomey and the rest of these right-wing assholes:

John Fetterman said he is committing to attending one debate with his Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz, in the closely watched battle for the Senate in Pennsylvania, but his campaign is still discussing accommodations for his auditory processing problems.

The announcement comes as Oz has ramped up pressure on Fetterman, who suffered a stroke in May, to agree to a series of debates beginning in early September.

“We’re absolutely going to debate Dr. Oz, and that was really always our intent to do that,” Fetterman told POLITICO in an exclusive interview. “It was just simply only ever been about addressing some of the lingering issues of the stroke, the auditory processing, and we’re going to be able to work that out.”

Fetterman declined to specify which debate he will attend or provide an exact date for it, though he said it will “be sometime in the middle to end of October” on a “major television station” in the state.

He also said that the campaign is looking at the possibility of using a closed captioning monitor for the event so that he does not miss any words as he continues to recover from his stroke.

“We’re just exploring that,” he said of the closed captioning. “I have every ability to talk about all of these issues and have a full debate. And that’s really just the one lingering issue of the stroke — that some of my hearing was damaged a little bit, but it’s continuing to get better and better and better every day.”

Oz, who is trailing Fetterman in the polls, has for weeks sought to portray the Democrat as skipping debates either because he can’t defend his record or is too ill to go onstage. The attacks have sometimes been ugly, with one Oz aide saying that Fetterman might not have suffered a stroke if he’d ever eaten vegetables, a statement that the celebrity doctor later distanced himself from.

The latest broadside happened on Tuesday, when Oz held a press conference with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), where he argued, “John Fetterman is either healthy and he’s dodging the debates because he does not want to answer for his radical left positions, or he’s too sick to participate in the debate.” Toomey also suggested that Fetterman might not be able to serve in the Senate due to his lingering effects of the stroke.

“I’ve worked with senators in both parties, sadly, who have seriously diminished intellectual or communication capabilities, and I can tell you, that’s a very different thing,” said Toomey. “It’s really hard to be an effective voice for your constituents if you cannot engage in that way.”

Asked for comment on Fetterman’s debate commitment, Oz spokesperson Barney Keller said, “Is it possible to quote somebody laughing?”

Oz and his Republican allies aren’t the only ones who have pushed Fetterman to debate. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editorial board wrote this week that if Fetterman “is not well enough to debate his opponent, that raises serious concerns about his ability to serve as a United States senator.” The newspaper also criticized the Oz campaign’s “antics.”

In the Wednesday interview, Fetterman shot back at Toomey, the Republican who he is running to replace after the senator announced in 2020 that he would retire at the end of this term. Fetterman said there is “no dignity” in Toomey’s comments and accused him of not being transparent in his dealings with Pennsylvanians.

“Here’s a man who is a coward, and he quit the Senate because he understands he can’t get reelected,” Fetterman said. “This is a man that has no town meetings or really has any kind of interaction with constituents ever.”

Also, fuck you Pat Toomey. Your colleagues are hitting you for being a liar:


John Fetterman’s gradual recovery from a stroke has become a Republican attack point in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, but two senators who recently suffered strokes said Fetterman’s health shouldn’t be an issue.

Like Fetterman, Sens. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) had strokes this year, but both returned to work and have been doing their jobs. They said Fetterman would be able to do the job, too.

“We’re walking around, we’re having conversations, we’re talking to people, we’re engaged,” Lujan told HuffPost on Wednesday. “Cognitive ability is strong. And so I’m confident of the work that John Fetterman will do when he’s elected U.S. senator.”

Lujan, 49, was treated for a stroke in his cerebellum in February and returned to work a month after a surgery that relieved pressure in his brain. Van Hollen, 63, was hospitalized briefly in May after suffering a “minor stroke” caused by a venous tear at the back of his head.

“I believe he’ll be able to rebound and, based on what I’ve heard him say his doctor said, he’ll have a full recovery,” Van Hollen said. “I think it’s smart for him to take the time he needs.”

Each stroke was different and has had different aftereffects. Lujan returned to work in a month; Fetterman resumed campaign events with the press three months after his stroke.

And like everything else about Oz’s campaign, he even sucks royally at pushing this attack:

“It is so difficult for physicians to understand how another physician could make those types of comments or behave in that way,” said Val Arkoosh, a former obstetric anesthesiologist who ran in the Democratic primary for Senate in Pennsylvania. “It violates our oath, it violates our ethics. And it’s just hard for me to understand and believe that he took the same oath that I did when we graduated from medical school.”

Each campaign has escalated the race around Fetterman’s health in the final weeks of the race to different effects. Oz, a Republican and once-venerated surgical specialist at Columbia University, has mocked his Democratic opponent for his near-fatal stroke — although Oz has recently tried to distance himself from his campaign staffers, telling a radio host he personally has “compassion” for Fetterman. Fetterman has used Oz’s attacks to paint him as an out-of-touch bully while dodging some of the more serious questions surrounding his health and his reluctance to debate Oz.

“He should just acknowledge that, as a doctor, you are going around making fun of somebody that had a stroke,” Fetterman said Wednesday during his first national TV interview since his stroke in May.

Fetterman’s remarks continued a bitter stretch for the two campaigns. Oz called Fetterman a “coward” for declining to participate in a televised debate and called on his campaign to fire two “convicted murderers” — brothers who maintain they were wrongly imprisoned and who received clemency last year — a demand Fetterman said was “sad and desperate.” Fetterman has seized on every Oz gaffe, including a bizarre video about inflation filmed in a supermarket produce aisle and Oz’s evasiveness about the number of homes he owns.

Fetterman’s own health issues help underscore Oz’s record as physician who was once called in front of Congress to defend claims made about weight loss drugs on his TV show — and who also performed complicated surgeries and held a faculty role at a top university hospital.

Following the launch this month of “Real Doctors Against Oz,” Fetterman’s campaign released a letter signed by 100 physicians calling out Oz for “promoting unproven, ill-advised, and at times potentially dangerous treatments” in response to Oz’s well-documented affinity for miracle cures and supplements. In the early days of the pandemic, Oz wrote to the Trump White House advocating for a study of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID and talked about the drug on the campaign trail after trials had shown it was ineffective against the virus.

Benjamin Abella, a Philadelphia-based emergency medical physician who signed the letter, said he was troubled by Oz shaming a person for a medical condition, something that goes against every tenet of their profession.

“His lack of decorum, his playing fast and loose with evidence and medicine and using his medical degree and credentials as an ATM for personal gain is disturbing. It’s sad. It denigrates the profession,” Abella told HuffPost.

Arkoosh, who leads the group of anti-Oz doctors, called the attacks on Fetterman “nasty” and “unwarranted.”

“This is not the kind of issue that you make into a campaign issue,” said Arkoosh, who is also an elected official in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. “The fact that he would continue to mock him and he’s been mocking him all summer, it’s really unconscionable. I would say for any human being, any of us could have a stroke.”

By the way, taking this route hasn’t helped Oz win over any swing voters:

Democratic strategists said Oz’s attacks on Fetterman’s health come from a place of weakness, in particular a need to appeal to the GOP base. They said his team’s latest criticism about eating vegetables also shows that Oz doesn’t understand Pennsylvania, the land of cheesesteaks and pierogies.

A Democratic pollster who conducts focus groups for campaigns in Pennsylvania said that swing voters don’t bring up Fetterman’s health problems themselves while discussing the Senate race, but when they are asked about it, they tend to find it relatable. The pollster was granted anonymity to describe proprietary research.

A letter from Fetterman’s physician released in June, which not-so-subtly chastised him for not following doctor’s orders before his stroke, resonated in particular.

“50-year-old women from Delco, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s my husband,” said the pollster, referring to a Philadelphia suburb. “‘Oh God, are all men this way?’”

At the same time, Oz’s attacks about Fetterman’s health have turned off voters, the person said: “We heard it in our groups over and over. People just intrinsically don’t like the idea of attacking somebody for their health.”

Plus, Oz is a quack doctor:

During an interview with The Breakfast Club morning radio show, Oz answered a caller’s question about an incestuous relationship they were involved in, a dilemma the host termed: “I can’t stop smashing my cousin.”

“‘We hooked up at a young age and now in our 20s, she still wants it. No matter how much I want to stop, I always give it to her. Help me.’ What advice would you give that person?” host Angela Yee read to Oz on air.

Oz explained that “It’s not a big problem” if the cousin is a second cousin or more distant. “Every family has genetic strengths and weaknesses,” he said. “And so the reason we naturally crave people who are not so like us is because you just mix the gene pool up a little bit so that if I had one gene for, let’s say, hemophilia, which is a classic example where you bleed a lot if you cut yourself, I don’t want to marry a cousin who has the same hemophilia gene, because the chance of our child having both those genes is much higher.”

Genetics are complicated, as are genetic risk factors in procreation. (Not that that stopped Oz from weighing in with his characteristic self-proclaimed scientific authority, a habit that his peers say has spread bad medical advice.) But the complicated nature of the question means it’s difficult for a lay-person to interpret how sound or unsound any of this advice is. And it’s worth noting that Oz wasn’t endorsing sex between cousins, instead weighing in on the relative genetic risks.

But then he kept talking, and before long he was onto a creepy tangent about scent, sexual aversion and attraction, and families. “You know, that’s why children, girls don’t like their fathers’ smell. Their pheromones will actually repel their daughters because they’re not supposed to be together,” Oz said, and well, he kept going and added: “My daughters hate my smell.” While there has been at least one study that apparently shows that cues keep people from being attracted to those they are related to, it is not “fail-safe,” and it’s not about pheromones.

A snake oil salesman:

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz has financial ties to at least two pharmaceutical companies that supply hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that he has floated as a possible Covid-19 treatment.

Oz, a physician and veteran television show host who is facing Democrat John Fetterman in the race for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat, owns along with his wife at least $615,000 in shares of Thermo Fisher Scientific, according to his financial disclosure. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s website lists hydroxychloroquine sulfate as one of its available products. It is unclear when Oz and his wife bought the stock, or whether they owned it as Oz promoted hydroxychloroquine as a Covid treatment early in the pandemic.

Oz and his wife also own between $15,001 and $50,000 in McKesson Corporation stock, according to the disclosure. The company labels and distributes hydroxychloroquine sulfate, according to the FDA. It is also unclear when they bought McKesson stock.

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is the anti-malaria drug commonly known as hydroxychloroquine, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Doctors around the country, in part boosted by endorsements from former President Donald Trump and conservative media figures, have offered the medication to patients as a Covid treatment despite its questionable efficacy against the virus.

Oz’s financial ties to a producer and distributor of the drug, and his promotion of it as a potential Covid treatment, raise questions about what he stood to gain from its wider use during the pandemic. If he wins the Senate election, he could also face conflicts of interest as Congress grapples with a still evolving coronavirus pandemic.

A fraud:

Among Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz’s 18 known real estate investments, none is larger or more valuable than Louwana, a 10-bedroom historic beachfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

The 18,559-square-foot estate has been valued at more than $36 million, according to local appraisal records. In an interview with Boca Raton Magazine in 2018, the celebrity physician described the mansion as “our house” and raved about Palm Beach, which he said was “like a playground to me in many ways.”

The opulent Florida property has so far escaped the level of attention given to some of Oz’s other houses, such as the New Jersey mansion where he resided for years until 2020. Oz’s Democratic opponent in the hotly contested race, Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, has highlighted the New Jersey residence in viral social media videos, including one starring “Jersey Shore” cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Oz’s campaign has sought to move past questions about his residency and real estate, but the Palm Beach mansion brings with it a unique set of political concerns for Oz as he tries to rebuff allegations that he’s “sort of parachuting into Pennsylvania,” said Penn State Harrisburg political science professor Daniel Mallinson.

“It just all kind of plays into that narrative that they’re trying to, I think, push back against,” Mallinson said.

Oz purchased the mansion in 2015 with the help of Florida attorney Leslie Evans, whom the deed describes as a trustee for the property.

The year before, Evans was involved in the purchase of a foreclosed Connecticut mansion. It was a transaction that became central to federal fraud cases filed in 2018 that saw four other people plead guilty to bilking investors out of millions.

The group was accused of luring foreign investment in a Palm Beach hotel with the promise of inclusion in the federal EB-5 visa program, which expedites consideration of visa applications for foreigners who contribute at least $500,000 to development projects that create domestic jobs. According to court filings, dozens of people paid the hefty fee, plus an extra $40,000 each, and lost their money.

Prosecutors accused the group of using their investors’ money to fund lavish lifestyles, pay “credit card debts and to purchase two properties located in Washington Depot, Conn.,” according to an April 2019 Justice Department press release. Evans ultimately admitted to falsifying information related to one of those Connecticut properties.

An extremist:


A flip flopper:

Mehmet Oz, the Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee who is backed by former President Donald Trump, said on Tuesday that he would have certified Joe Biden’s 2020 victory if he had been a member of the upper chamber at the time.

During a press conference alongside retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, the reality TV doctor was asked if he would have had an issue with certifying the 2020 election.

“I would not have objected to it,” Oz said at the event. “By the time the delegates and those reports were sent to the US Senate, our job was to approve it, which is what I would have done.”

Oz has been endorsed by Trump, who continues to insist with no evidence that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Who stuck a different tone during the primary:

Oz said he had discussed the 2020 election with Trump and that “we cannot move on.” McCormick said it was a “tragedy” that most Republican voters in Pennsylvania didn’t believe in the integrity of the election.

Sands directed viewers to a film by far-right personality Dinesh D’Souza propping up election conspiracies. Barnette said the Republican Party should “absolutely not” move past the 2020 election.

Only Jeff Bartos, a real estate developer, zeroed in on the 2022 midterms in his answer.

“Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s the president,” he said, arguing that “Americans are going to stand up with one loud voice” in November and “we are going to have historic wins.”

And this is also just pathetic:

Former TV doctor-turned-Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is reportedly paying actors to try and get voters to like him.

Oz, the Republican opponent of Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, has hired people to “play the role of a felon” and hold up signs to mock his Democratic rival, Newsweek reported.

Colin Matthews wrote in an Instagram post last week that the Oz campaign hired him to support Fetterman as a convicted felon and he couldn’t “believe how many idiots thought I was legit out of jail.”

The move appears to be part of a stunt for the Oz campaign. Brittany Yanick, the campaign’s communications director, even shared a tweet about an “Inmates for Fetterman” initiative from reporter Justin Sweitzer last week.

Oz has called his opponent “soft on crime” during the campaign but, as Factcheck.org noted, the claim stretches the facts.

Check out a PatriotTakes thread about the alleged actors, holding signs that read: “Paid for by Doctor Oz For Senate,” below:

Also, perfect timing for this to resurface:


TV doctor-turned-Senate candidate Mehmet Oz once said uninsured Americans don’t have a “right to health,” according to a recently resurfaced video from 2013.

Oz, now the Republican nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania, was speaking at the National Governors Association on the topic of “personal and governmental responsibility” when he explained his apparent belief that “health” is only a right for those who can afford insurance.

Oz was attempting to pitch governors on a concept where local health providers would host inexpensive 15-minute screenings “in a festival-like setting” for people who did not have insurance.

Although Oz said the idea was to give uninsured Americans “a way of crawling back out of the abyss, of darkness, of fear over not having the health they need, and give them an opportunity,” he added that he thought there was a limit to how much care they deserved.

“They don’t have a right to health, but they have a right to access, to get that health,” Oz told the governors.

Also, it looks like Trump hates taking Oz’s medical advice as well:

Former President Donald Trump told a Pennsylvania audience he did not speak to Dr. Oz for years after he told him to lose weight.

Trump made the comment in Wilkes-Barre on Saturday night while he sought to bolster support for Republican candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano.

Referring to the heat in the arena, Trump asked Oz: “This air conditioning is not working too well. It’s about 100 degrees up here. I’m sweating like a dog. I’ll call Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz. Am I OK Dr? he says yes.”

The politician then looked and pointed at Oz before he shared the anecdote with the audience.

Trump added: “He (Oz) did an examination and said ‘he’s extremely healthy, really a very fine fit man but he should lose 20 or 25 pounds.’ I was so angry I didn’t speak to him for years.”

By the way, Toomey isn’t really helping his party’s chances:

A press conference held Tuesday by Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and Senator Pat Toomey demonstrated that while Republicans in Pennsylvania are unified on some issues, other fronts have left them divided.

While Oz said that he would back the full Republican ticket in the upcoming elections, Toomey did not commit to supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, according to Politico reporter Holly Otterbein, who attended the conference. Mastriano has pushed Donald Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud, the Associated Press reported, and has received a coveted endorsement from the former president. Toomey, who is not seeking reelection, was one of a handful of GOP senators who voted to convict Trump on an article of impeachment following the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Oz, a celebrity surgeon who was also endorsed by Trump, risked alienating the former president and his loyal base on Tuesday by saying that he “would not have objected to” approving President Joe Biden’s election victory if he had been in the Senate at the time.

“By the time the delegates and those reports were sent to the U.S. Senate, our job was to approve it, which is what I would have done,” he was quoted by The Hill as saying.

Speaking of Mastriano, he actually found one rabbi to endorse his campaign:


Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano touted an endorsement from Joseph Kolakowski, an ultra-orthodox rabbi who expressed sympathy for Capitol rioters and believes Hitler was part lizard.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Mastriano shared a story by the Epoch Times, a far-right publication, with his supporters on social media with the headline: “Rabbi Endorses Mastriano as Shapiro Calls Him Antisemitic in Pennsylvania Gov. Race.”

In the article, Kolakowski — who leads a Hasidic Jewish ministry in Pennsylvania — defended Mastriano, saying, “while the Democrats have the chutzpah to claim that those of us from the Party of Lincoln are somehow racist, they do not look at the racist tenants of their own party, including abortion and gun control, both of which cause undue and disproportionate harm to people of color, and are historically rooted in openly racist ideologies.”

The Inquirer reported the 38-year-old rabbi frequently posts on his YouTube channel about unfounded claims of fraud in the 2020 election, his support for Capital rioters, and believing in a theory that Adolf Hitler was part lizard.

In one video about the Nazi dictator, the rabbi said there’s “a reason why he never took off his boots.”

“[It] was to hide the fact that his feet were reptilian in nature because he came from this nonhuman race, demonic race. He was a hybrid.”

Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D. PA) is continuing to highlight how fucking insane Mastriano is:

Pennsylvania’s Democratic nominee for governor, Josh Shapiro, launched his first campaign advertisements in a $16.9 million ad buy reserved through Election Day in which he tries to paint his Republican opponent, state Sen. Doug Mastriano, as “too risky” for the commonwealth.

Mr. Shapiro, the state attorney general, launched two ads on Tuesday, including one that says Pennsylvania is likely to lose businesses if Mr. Mastriano wins because of the Republican’s strict anti-abortion beliefs. It mentions East Liberty-based language learning app Duolingo as one of the businesses that has said it would consider leaving the state if any abortion ban was put into effect in Pennsylvania.

In the ad, Mr. Shapiro’s campaign notes other states that have driven business away by passing restrictive laws on abortion or LGBTQ rights. It highlights a 2021 story from the Washington Post about tech workers seeking jobs outside of Texas for that reason. It also mentions a 2016 report that other companies decided not to open new facilities in North Carolina due to its legislation to block transgender people from using bathrooms that do not correspond with their sex assigned at birth.

“But Doug Mastriano wants to do both: outlaw abortion … and gay rights,” the ad says. It’s followed by sound bites of Mr. Mastriano talking about his belief that gay marriage should “absolutely not” be legal.

The commercial then mentions Duolingo — and the potential threat that any of these policies could have on Pennsylvania jobs.

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June, Duolingo CEO Luis van Ahn tweeted that he loves that his company is headquartered in Pittsburgh. But “if PA makes abortion illegal, we won’t be able to attract talent and we’ll have to grow our offices elsewhere,” he added.

Mr. Shapiro’s campaign hopes to put abortion and LGBTQ rights at the center of its messaging in the two-month stretch before the midterm election on Nov. 8. Democrats across the country expect that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn long-held abortion rights and return discretion on the issue to the states will motivate Democrats and others who favor abortion access to turn out to vote in November.

Health and Democracy are on the ballot this year and we need to get ready to keep Pennsylvania Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Fetterman, Shapiro and these Pennsylvania Democrats campaigns:


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