Why The EB-5 Program Is Right For International Students

The appeal of an American Education

For many applicants to the EB-5 program, the appeal does not merely lie in an investment opportunity, but in securing permanent residence in the U.S. for their family. America offers its residents access to greater opportunities than many countries, and of those opportunities one of the greatest is America’s higher education system. Students from every corner of the Earth compete for admission to American universities and colleges, and admittance to one of these prestigious institutions can help secure a student’s future.

Parents across the globe work to obtain student visas for their children, with hopes that they eventually can permanently live and work in America after they graduate. While securing a student visa is certainly an option, these visas have restrictions and will not allow students to work in the US after graduation — beyond limited opportunities, such as Optional Practical Training (OPT). Consequently the EB-5 program is a far better option, as it essentially kills two birds with one stone. Investors who receive an EB-5 visa also receive visas for their immediate family, i.e. their spouse and children. This means that once you’ve secured an EB-5 visa you, and your immediate family have the right to live and work in the US without restrictions. By securing an EB-5 visa, parents can guarantee that their children will be free to apply to any American higher education institution they please. 

But Why Study in America?

While this is all well good, parents might be wondering why they should consider an American education for their children. After all, most countries have their own prestigious institutions of higher education, why choose America’s? Simply put, the return on investment from an American degree for international students is enormous.

In a study conducted by World Education Services, an overwhelming majority of international alumni indicated that their U.S. degree was a good investment. Alumni reported that U.S. degrees yielded “high returns both socially and culturally…[and] enhanced their ability to get along with people of different backgrounds” as well as improving their problem-solving skills. Furthermore, 75% of international graduates say that living and studying in the U.S. was worth the price. 

After graduation these students also fared well, with the vast majority of them finding full time employment after graduation, and the majority saying they earn more than they would have had they obtained the same degree outside the U.S. Additionally, 89% said that studying in the U.S. increased specific expertise and knowledge in the career chosen and 75% said they had more job opportunities because of their U.S. degree. 

Clearly studying in America creates a tangible advantage for students, and greatly benefits their future prospects. One challenge that many international alumni agreed they faced was contending with U.S. visa policies and immigration rules. However, students who receive an EB-5 visa would face none of these challenges, as they would have already secured permanent residency in the U.S. Any parent who wants their child to benefit from an American education should absolutely consider the EB-5 program, and work to start the application process as soon as possible.


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