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US Golden Visa: Millionaires living in India and China are applying for Golden Visa to settle in the US and their number has increased steadily. The Golden Visa is also known as the EB-5 Visa. It facilitates foreign investors to settle permanently in the US and its application process is very fast.

A statistic revealed that many millionaires living in India and China have applied for Golden Visa. After the amendment in EB-5 visa in March, so far about 8 thousand Indian and 10 thousand Chinese citizens have applied for it.

What is the US Golden Visa?
In fact, under the EB-5 visa, applicants who invest more than the investment limit in the country and create at least 10 jobs are allowed to settle permanently in the US. Green cards are issued to such investors, which include spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. A green card allows you to settle permanently in the US.

Changes to these visa regulations have been made since the enactment of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022. According to a Gulf News report, the purpose of these changes was to increase transparency and security for foreign nationals participating under the program. In March this year, after the revision of the EB-5 visa, the investment limit in targeted employment sectors was increased from US$ 5 lakh to US$ 8 lakh.

Along with this, this limit has been increased from 10 lakh dollars to 10.05 lakh dollars in the non-target employment sector. According to Quint’s report, if the applicant invests in a company established after November 1990 under the rules of the scheme, he will be eligible to apply for a golden visa.

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